Destiny 2 Leak Reveals Major Details About The Future Of The Franchise, Including The Witch Queen, And Lightfall

By Abdullah Jawad
Source: Bungie

Destiny 2 Showcase for The Witch Queen and Season of the Lost is just three days away and it seems the closer we get to the reveal, the more stuff gets leaked. Yesterday, we saw the Season of the Lost name leaked via a Razer Cortex advertisement. And today, a massive leak has emerged revealing tons of key details for the future of Destiny 2, Season of the Lost, The Witch Queen, and Lightfall expansion.

Apparently, this new leak features a couple of images that seem to be from Bungie’s presentations. These images were shared on the Raid Secrets Discord server by a burner account.

Note: As with every leak/rumor, take ’em with a grain of salt. These images might get removed as Bungie issues copyright takedown notices. We will not host these images on our website at this time. Also, there are MAJOR SPOILERS in there.

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According to the leaked images, The Witch Queen expansion will feature “new weapon archetypes and weapon crafting” with “class-defining weapons.” It also seems like Destiny 2 will launch on Epic Games Store later this year in Q4 2021.

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The long-awaited and rumored Destiny and Halo crossover are also mentioned with an image of Xur, in an icy/rocky location. This crossover will be a part of Bungie’s 30th Anniversary happening in Q4 2021 as well.

Lightfall is codenamed “Nebula” which we reported earlier this year, thanks to a job listing from Bungie. Bungie might also reprise King’s Fall or Wrath of the Machine raid from Destiny 1 next year in 2022, according to these leaked images.

This Destiny 2 leak is definitely one of the major ones we’ve seen and will most definitely be taken down by Bungie ASAP as we get closer to the Destiny 2 Showcase on August 24, 2021.