Destiny 2 Lightfall Soundtrack Goes Live Early On YouTube

CloudArk and Battle Ready have been uploaded to the SonySoundtracksVEVO YouTube channel

By Zuhaad Ali
Source: YouTube

UPDATE: Sony has updated the video description with the full list of the Lightfall soundtrack. There are a total of 38 soundtracks, per the video description. Spoiler warning!

  • Lightfall
  • All In
  • All That Matters
  • Distant Sky
  • CloudArk
  • At the Gates
  • Future Unknown
  • Frontline
  • Service and Sacrifice
  • Herald of the Witness
  • No Peace
  • Quantum Wilds
  • Discipline
  • Battle Ready
  • Taking Root
  • Forward Fleet
  • Accelerant
  • Tenebrium
  • Strength
  • Solus
  • Resilience
  • Tyrant Overthrown
  • Ready to Roll
  • Momentum
  • Quickening
  • Renascence
  • Discovery
  • Syzygy
  • Dread
  • Light the Streets
  • Diffracted Truth
  • Unholy Alliance
  • HyperNet Current
  • Desperate Measures
  • Scission
  • Hold the Line
  • Breakthrough
  • Oneirophobia

Original Story: We are just one week away from the launch of Destiny 2’s latest expansion, Lightfall. Bungie has been pretty busy with the marketing for this expansion, releasing new trailers, and a ViDoc last week, with the final launch trailer to release this week.

It looks like two new original soundtracks for Destiny 2 Lightfall have been uploaded by SonySoundtracks on its YouTube channel. The two soundtracks are called “CloudArk” and “Battle Ready“. You can listen to these soundtracks below.

Players who have pre-ordered the Destiny 2 Lightfall Collector’s Edition will get the e-delivery (via email) of the Lightfall OST on or before the launch. These are two of several new soundtracks that will be released with the launch of Lightfall. At this time, we don’t know how many new soundtracks there are in Lightfall.

Apart from that, Bungie revealed that players will be able to get a new Flamenco Dance Emote via the Eververse store in Destiny 2, on February 28th with the launch of the new expansion.

Lightfall will add a brand new destination called Neomuna, a new raid, a legendary story campaign, and a new subclass called Strand. On the seasonal side of things, Season of Defiance is the next season in Destiny 2.

Recently, in an update to one of Bungie’s many legal battles against Destiny 2 cheaters, the developer has won $4.3 million against AimJunkies, a prominent Destiny 2 cheat seller, in arbitration.

That’s not all, there has been another massive lawsuit filed against LaviCheats, where the cheat seller has been hit with a $6.7 million lawsuit from Bungie. Bungie requests at least “$2,000 for each of the 2,790 cheat software” downloaded from seller’s websites.

Destiny 2 Lightfall launches February 28, 2023, on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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