Bungie Could Let Players Create Their Own Maps In Future Games

By Zuhaad Ali
Source: Bungie

It’s no surprise that Bungie is working on a brand-new IP Matter for quite some time now. The developer has already confirmed that it is planning on releasing a new non-Destiny game in 2025. And it looks like that one of these new games could let players make their own custom maps, according to a new patent filed by Bungie, that was published this month.

The patent in question here is “Markup Free Ledge Grab” which in summary, would detect a dynamic ledge in a video game with respect to the player’s location. This would allow the player to mantle up on the obstacle.

The description of the patent states that players creating their own levels/maps using something like a map editor in the game.

“As gaming continues to grow in popularity, game developers continue to look to new ways to make games interesting and entertaining. One relatively recent practice by such game developers is to allow players to design their own levels. (e.g., via a map editor, etc.)

“The ledge detection module 324 may be configured to, in conjunction with the processor 314, identify one or more ledges capable of being interacted with by an avatar on obstacles within a game map. In some cases, the game map may be a user-generated map.”

Bungie Could Let Players Create Their Own Maps In Future Games
Source: Patentscope

This sounds something similar to Halo Forge-like system that allowed players to create custom maps, modes, etc. However, that system didn’t make it to Bungie’s current title — Destiny 2. Perhaps, they are planning something similar for their future games. It’s already confirmed that one of Bungie’s new games is a third-person action title.

The patent was originally filed earlier this year in March and was published last week on September 15, 2022. As for Destiny 2, the developer has made it clear that it will continue even after The Final Shape expansion, which is the last expansion in Destiny’s Light and Dark saga, due out in 2024.

Bungie also seems to be working on a Destiny competitive game, a Destiny mobile game, and some sort of Destiny TV project.