Bungie Dev Addresses Toxic Steam Requests During Destiny 2 Into The Light Livestream

By Zuhaad Ali
Image: Bungie

In response to the controversy surrounding the Destiny 2 Into The Light Livestream, Noah Lee, who is an Associate Activity Designer at Bungie working on Destiny 2, has addressed the number of toxic Steam requests during the event.

Replying to a Reddit thread on r/DestinyTheGame subreddit, Lee clarified that contrary to initial speculation, he didn’t accidentally minimize the game window by pressing Alt+Tab; instead, he fell victim to a bug in Windows 11 that caused full-screen windows to minimize randomly.

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“Thank you for all of the support. I wanted to clarify a couple of things: I didn’t alt-tab, apparently, there’s a bug with Windows 11 where if you have a full-screen window open it can randomly minimize. I was using a controller,” Lee replied.

Destiny 2 Into The Light Livestream Turns Dark as Racist and Toxic Steam Requests Flood Developer
Image: Bungie

During the Livestream chaos, Lee stated he didn’t even notice the flood of friend requests with offensive usernames. He “wasn’t paying attention” as “there was so much going on.”

“I actually didn’t see any of the friend requests on stage. There was so much going on that I wasn’t paying attention.

“I wanted to be up there! I wanted to talk to y’all! I’ve been seeing dev livestreams for Destiny since I was 13 so I wasn’t gonna just not do it because of some trolls. And I hope I can do more in the future!”

byu/BAakhir from discussion

Noah Lee’s presence during the Destiny 2 livestream was met with overwhelming support and admiration from fans. Many expressed their delight at seeing a developer so deeply engaged with the gameplay. His genuine enthusiasm resonated with viewers, who appreciated his dedication to delivering an authentic and enjoyable gaming experience.

One Reddit user replied to Lee’s comment saying, “You brought so much life to dev gameplay, I would love to see you doing these gameplay streams going forward!” Another user wrote, “Seeing your passion for the game was really cool and the new game mode looks like a lot of fun”

Into The Light is an upcoming content update, set to roll out on April 9 in Destiny 2 that will be free for all players. This two-month update brings with it a highly anticipated horde mode called Onslaught and reintroduces some beloved weapons that fans have been eagerly waiting for.

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