Bungie Steps In To Restore Deleted Destiny 2 Character For Player Caught In Bizarre Bug

By Zuhaad Ali
Image: Bungie

If you’ve been in the DestinyTheGame subreddit this past week, you’ve probably seen a thread by a Reddit user CyanSolar where they lost one of their characters in Destiny 2 that had over 1,500 hours on it, after getting a “Contacting Destiny 2 Servers” notice in-game after the character selection screen.

At first, many users didn’t believe this to be real as it happened too often where some player would manually delete their characters just to stir up the community. However, after checking the player’s profile on Wasted on Destiny website, they did have a Titan with over 1,500 hours deleted recently.

The thread gained over 900 replies with over 4,000 upvotes in the subreddit with some players didn’t want to start the game for fear of losing their characters too. Fast-forwarding to a day later, Bungie contacted the player privately and started working on restoring the deleted Destiny 2 character, as pointed out in a new update. “The character is back but Bungie is still testing if the fix fully worked,” the person replied.

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A few hours later, Destiny 2’s community manager Liana Ruppert responded to the thread, shedding some light on this whole situation that it was indeed real and not something that was done manually on the player’s end.

“Morning! We’ve got an update: Multiple teams dove into this and we did not uncover any evidence that other accounts or characters were affected. Because this was a unique situation, we were able to come up with a one-time fix to restore the character,” the response reads.

“While we understand that players would like to be able to restore deleted characters whenever they’d like, this was an extremely complicated process that required a variety of teams and numerous hours to implement for a single account, but feedback for this feature has been noted.

“We appreciate your patience and thank you for your help as we worked on a solution!”

Ruppert also confirmed that this was “isolated and does not pose a threat to other players”. When asked if she can share more details on why it happened, she replied; “We cannot disclose info related to a player issue when it is a unique situation like this. Since this was an isolated incident (from internal data that has been verified that we cannot disclose), we cannot provide any more public details at this time.”

Bungie Steps In To Restore Deleted Destiny 2 Character For Player Caught In Bizarre Bug
Image: Bungie

CyanSolar has also confirmed that they got all of the lost items back, including weapons, armor, and seasonal progress. All in all, this was a really strange bug on Bungie’s end and I really hope it’s the last time we see this kind of error.

It’s also worth mentioning that the current state of Destiny 2 is getting extremely unstable with each new update and hotfix. Just this week, Bungie released a hotfix that unlocked all non-raid mods for everyone, and shortly after the hotfix, there was a bug where players were getting suspended in the Gambit playlist despite completing the match, which was fixed shortly after.

Destiny 2 Lightfall is releasing in just under fifty days on February 28, 2023.

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