Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 Cover Art Revealed In A New Leak

By Abdullah Jawad
Source: Activision

Call of Duty Warzone season 5 is just around the corner and it looks like we now have our first look at the new operator coming to the Warzone roster next season, thanks to a new leak.

The leaked cover art for Warzone season 5 was shared earlier today on the Warzone subreddit in which we can see the new female operator allegedly from Japan. According to another post on Reddit, the next Call of Duty Warzone/Black Ops Cold War season will be Japanese-themed. Here’s everything the thread talked about:

  • Warzone season 5 will be Japanese-themed.
  • The new Operators’ name is Kitsune.
  • Tec-9 semi-automatic pistols coming.
  • Two more operators coming in Warzone season 5, Kingsley and Surge. (codenames)

Season 5 leak

While there’s no actual proof of these details and the leaked cover being legit, a prominent Call of Duty leaker, and dataminer, Nanikos tweeted out earlier today Treyarch has blocked them on Twitter which seems to indicate that the leaked cover art might actually be legit, along with the new details that we now have.

In a follow-up tweet, Nanikos pointed out that this newly leaked Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 cover art is “absolutely real in case anyone had any doubts about that.”

Another reputable Call of Duty leaker, ModernWarzone, who has leaked major Call of Duty details in the past, has just confirmed on Twitter that Tec-9 pistols are indeed coming to Call of Duty Warzone season 5 which gives this leak a bit more legitimacy.