Bungie Perma Bans and Unbans Players in a Weird Destiny 2 Ban Wave

By Zuhaad Ali
Source: Bungie

UPDATE: Bungie has released an official statement confirming a “human error on a new cheat detection” system” caused these false in-game Destiny 2 bans. Read our full report here.

Original story: Over the last few days, several players were hit with a permanent ban in Destiny 2, most of which seem to be on Steam. Reports were circulating on Twitter as this Destiny 2 ban wave targeted more and more players over the weekend.

However, it looks like some of these bans are now being lifted, which is definitely confusing. We first heard about it when the D2Gunsmith website owner Dre got his account banned in the same fashion.

Instead of appealing the ban, Dre protested saying “the last guy who got unbanned for a false positive spent 8 months appealing it” and stopped working on the website.

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Hours later, Dre’s account was mysteriously unbanned without any sort of appeal. This sparked the conversation in the community about players getting wrongfully banned in Destiny 2.

Another player named JoP tweeted that they just received a permanent Destiny 2 ban on Steam on an account that has over 7,000 hours in-game hours.

JoP said in a tweet that they have never used any Net Limiter software or Xim that would give you an in-game advantage. Looking at JoP’s account on Steam, the ban seems to have been lifted as well.

  • On October 1, 2022, a Twitter user “shashank2720” tweeted that their Destiny 2 account was banned even though they “followed all the guidelines and Terms of Service”. Shashank’s account has now been unbanned.
  • A Twitter user “ImQip_” posted screenshots of their in-game ban yesterday, which was lifted today.

In a new screenshot shared by shashank2720, it says, “We’ve removed the incorrectly applied In-Game Ban on behalf of the Destiny 2 team,” which implies that these were manual bans.

Destiny 2 Perma Bans and Unbans Players in a Weird Ban Wave
Source: Shashank2720 | Twitter

That said, we don’t know for sure if these were manual or automated processes. Obviously, it’s hard to say who is rightfully or wrongfully banned here without any official statement from Bungie.

In March 2022, Bungie put out a statement in one of its weekly blog posts saying that the developer issued its “first ban wave” against players who violated the updated account recovery and in-game boosting terms.

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