Destiny 2: Guardian Games Quest Steps – Complete Guide (Week One)

By Zuhaad Ali

Guardian Games is live in Destiny 2 at last. It was originally revealed in the roadmap for Season of the Worthy. Bungie released a new trailer for Guardian Games last week featuring brand-new armor sets, cosmetics, and obviously – Heir Apparent, exotic machine gun. Today, we’re going to discuss how you can complete the Guardian Games quest in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: Guardian Games Quests Steps – Complete Guide

STEP 1 – The Guardian Games

Visit Eva Lavante to get started with your Guardian Games quest. She will give you a new quest called ‘The Guardian Games.’

STEP 2 – A New Tradition

Visit Commander Zavala in the Tower and choose any one of three class items for your character. (Cloaks for Hunters, Bonds for Warlocks, and Marks for Titans)

STEP 3 – Guardian Games Registration

Register your Class Item with the Guardian Games podium to enable medal redemption, class point contribution, and personal rewards. 

For this step, you simply need to visit the Drifter in the Tower Annex.

STEP 4 – Medal Redeemed

Redeem this gold medal for personal and class rewards at the Guardian Games podium in the Tower

Spawn back at the Courtyard, Tower, and head to the Guardian Games podium right beside Eva to redeem your gold medal.

STEP 5 – Visit Eva

For this step, just visit Eva Levante again.

STEP 6 – On Your Laurels

In week one of Guardian Games, earn points by collecting laurels generated by final blows with supers, grenades, and charged melee abilities. Laurels matching your class= 3 points, other laurels= 1 point.

This step can take a while. The fastest way to complete this one step is to hop in the Escalation Protocol and just slay the level one thralls with your grenades, melee ability a super. After the thrall wave ends, respawn back at Glacial Drift and start over.

STEP 7 – Visit Eva

Visit Eva Levante in the Tower Courtyard and claim your exotic ghost shell. 

Keep in mind that this is week one of Guardian Games and the quest will update in weeks two and three. We’ll update this article as the quest progresses in-game.