Destiny 2: Incoming Damage Scaled Based On Player’s FPS

By Zuhaad Ali
Source: Bungie

A Reddit user has found the incoming combatant damage in Destiny 2 is dependant on the number of FPS you get in the game. This means the higher the FPS you have in-game, the more damage you’ll take from some enemy combatants.

This was originally found back in April 2021 by YouTuber Bluurie, who, after testing this against a Barrier Cabal Colossus’ Slug launcher, that this bug is indeed tied to their frame rate.

We can see in the video that when the frame rate is set to140, the Cabal’s Slug launcher is instantly killing the player with one shot. Compared to that, when the frame rate is downed to 60, the damage taken is also significantly reduced to almost half per shot.

After some further testing, Reddit user UselessDeadMemes found out that this FPS bug in Destiny 2 is happening with not only Cabal but with other enemy combatants as well, including, Wizards, Shriekers, Taken Hobgoblins, Ogres, Hive ships, etc.

Yesterday, Bungie has replied to this confirming that the bug with the Cabal Slug launchers will be fixed in the December patch, while the team is looking into other instances tied to the player’s frame rate.

“Looks like Cabal Slug Launchers will be fixed in the December patch,” Dylan Gafner, Destiny 2 community manager replied. “Other instances of higher damage taken due to framerate are currently under investigation. Can’t give a timeframe on when they’ll be addressed, but the team is digging.”

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The December patch is coming with the release of Bungie’s 30th Anniversary content update releasing on December 7, 2021.