It Looks Like ‘Destiny 2’ Players Will Get Some Nightfall Specific Rewards From A Quest

By Zuhaad Ali

Destiny 2’s Nightfalls have their own specific rewards in the loot pool. But the main concern is that these specific rewards are based on RNG meaning it’s totally random, which makes these rewards a lot more difficult to obtain. In Season of Arrivals, Bungie has released a brand-new dungeon called “Prophecy” which features some cool rewards as well. Speaking of Destiny 2 Nightfall-specific rewards, a new datamined file suggests that players will be able to acquire some of these rewards through the future quest.

Destiny 2 Nightfall Specific Rewards From Exotic Quest?

Note: Before we move forward, keep in mind that the following information is not made available in Destiny 2 yet and contains heavy spoilers! If you don’t wish to be spoiled, you should stop reading this article.

Now, that’s out of the way, if you’ve been following the Destiny 2-related news, you might’ve heard about a future exotic quest for the evacuation of the planets that are going away come Beyond Light. The quest requires our Guardian to evacuate Mars, Io, Titan, and Mercury. One thing to notice is that there are Nightfalls on these planets which feature specific rewards as well, such as; the Tree of Probabilities (D.F.A), The Pyramidion (Silicon Neuroma), etc.

Now, we’ve already compiled a complete guide on this future quest that you can view here. What we didn’t know before was that this quest will also grant a Nightfall specific reward from the Nightfall you’re doing on a planet. Let’s say, you’re on the “Into the Pyramidion” step which requires you to complete the strike “The Pyramidion.” After the step is complete and you return to Ashir Mir, you’ll be rewarded with that strike’s specific reward that is Silicon Neuroma. (Sniper Rifle)

This was originally found by Houndish, so all credits go to him. Below, you can see the quest steps with the text (SPOILER WARNING) and the reward from that quest step.

Now, as always, this is not officially revealed by Bungie, so I do suggest taking everything with a grain of salt. But, if this is true, it would be a really amazing addition to the quest since these strikes will be going into the DCV in Beyond Light.

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