Destiny 2 Players Could Get Banned For Impersonating Community Artists, Bungie Warns

By Zuhaad Ali
Source: Bungie

Since the early days of Destiny, Bungie has been hosting a community contest called Movie of the Week (MOTW), where players would share their Destiny 2 clips and win an exclusive emblem upon getting featured in Bungie’s weekly blog post This Week at Bungie.

Just like MOTW, Bungie has started a new art contest called Artist of the Week to appreciate the Destiny fanart. Like MOTW, the featured artist would get an exclusive emblem in Destiny 2.

However, this started a bit of heated discussion in the community as some Destiny 2 players were found to be impersonating community artists to get the exclusive emblem from Bungie.

Recently, Dylan Gafner, Senior Community Manager at Bungie, posted a tweet stating that “impersonating a community artist in an attempt to receive an emblem via help ticket can result in your account being banned”.

In the past, there have also been some cases where players who legitimately won the Movie of the Week emblem were spammed with messages on social media, asking to be included in the video description.

Every now and then, Bungie tends to hide emblem codes in its TWAB blog for players to crack. In The Witch Queen Collector’s Edition, players got a total of four brand-new universal emblem codes, as a part of a massive puzzle. The puzzle was solved by none other than the Raid Secrets community.

Destiny 2 Players Could Get Banned For Impersonating Community Artists, Bungie Warns

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As for the in-game content, Destiny 2’s Season of Plunder is halfway done with only one more week of seasonal story left. After that, players will participate in the Festival of the Lost event which will feature a brand-new seal, weapon, and armor to chase.

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