Destiny 2 Season of Plunder Grandmaster Nightfall and Weapons Rotation Guide

By Zuhaad Ali
Source: Bungie

Grandmaster Nightfalls are one of the endgame activities in Destiny 2, apart from raids and dungeons. These nightfalls are the most difficult activities in the game right now, but the greater the difficulty the greater the reward.

By completing the GM nightfalls, players will get to unlock the adept versions of the normal Nightfall weapons that include two perks per slot. Season of Plunder Grandmaster Nightfalls goes live on Tuesday, October 4, 2022, at 10 AM Pacific.

This season, players have a total of six adept weapons to chase in the game. In this guide, we’ll talk about the Grandmaster Nightfall weekly rotations and which adept weapon you can expect each week until the end of the season.

Destiny 2 Season of Plunder Grandmaster Nightfall Rotation

Grandmaster Nightfalls will be available for the rest of the season, a total of nine remaining weeks. Below is a table featuring every GM nightfall, with its featured weapon, champions, and burn.

Grandmaster NightfallWeekFeatured WeaponChampionsBurnShields
The GlasswayOct 4 – 10D.F.A (Adept)Barrier/OverloadVoidVoid, Arc, Solar
The LightbladeOct 11 – 17Horror’s Least (Adept) – changed from Mindbender’s AmbitionBarrier/UnstoppableArcArc, Solar
Fallen SaberOct 18 – 14Duty Bound (Adept)Barrier/OverloadArcArc, Void
The DisgracedOct 25 – 31The Militia’s Birthright (Adept)Barrier/UnstoppableArcVoid, Arc, Solar
Exodus CrashNov 1 – 7Horror’s Least (Adept)Barrier/OverloadArcSolar
The Devil’s LairNov 8 – 14Silicon Neuroma (Adept)Barrier/OverloadArcVoid, Arc, Solar
The GlasswayNov 15 – 21D.F.A (Adept)Barrier/OverloadVoidVoid, Arc, Solar
The LightbladeNov 21 – 28Mindbender’s Ambition (Adept)Barrier/UnstoppableArcArc, Solar
Fallen SaberNov 18 – Dec 6Duty Bound (Adept)Barrier/OverloadArcArc, Void

Huge shoutout to Destiny Overview for making a very clean infographic for the Season of Plunder Grandmaster nightfalls rotation. We’ll update this guide if the current GM nightfall schedule changes when the playlist goes live in the game.

Destiny 2 Season of Plunder Grandmaster Nightfall and Weapons Rotation Guide
Source: Bungie

Season of Plunder Grandmaster Power Level Requirement

In Season of Plunder, players must be at least 1595 Power Level in Destiny 2 if they wish to enter the Grandmaster Nightfalls, as this is the base required power level this season.

As for the GMs, the activity power level is fixed at 1620. Keep in mind that the 1595 PL for your Guardian is fixed, meaning you will not get an advantage even if you’re above 1595, similar to the contest mode raids.

Season of Plunder Anti-Champion Weapons, Mods, and Armor

And in case you’re wondering which weapon to use against those champions in GM Nightfall in Season of Plunder, you can find a table featuring just that below.

Eriana’s VowLeviathan’s BreathThunderlord
ArbalestMalfeasanceLe Monarque
The Lament (revved attacks)Devil’s RuinSurge Detonators Mod
Second Chance (Titan Arms)Athrys’s Embrace (Hunter Arms)Secant Filaments (Warlock Legs)
Auto Rifle ModShotgun ModMachine Gun Mod
Sniper Rifle ModPulse Rifle ModCombat Bow Mod
Scout Rifle ModInferno Whip Mod

That’s almost everything you need to know about the upcoming GM nightfalls in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder. In other news, the Festival of the Lost event is returning this season along with a new community event, as per new datamined info.

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