EA Pledges Up To $2m In Match-Funded Support For COVID-19 Relief Efforts

By Zuhaad Ali

A new report just came in that shows EA pledging up to $2 million for the COVID-19 relief funds.

As per the EA YourCause program, until June 30, the publisher company will match-funds all of the employee contributions which allow them to choose the local organization.

Along with that, EA has also partnered up with several Esports league including; Madden, Apex League, and FIFA, that hosted a tournament with $250,000 to support the International Federation Red Cross and Red Crescent COVID-19 efforts.

“There has never been a more important moment for us to lend strength to our local communities. Thanks to everyone that shared their support of local oorganizations– your ideas were an inspiration,” CEO Andrew Wilson at Electronic Arts. “We look forward to expanding the impact we can have as the people of Electronic Arts, helping communities around the world during this most challenging time.”

Recently, we saw several campaigns from game developers and publisher companies to support the self-isolation in these hard times such as; #PlayApartTogether, “Stay Home. Play Together,” and “Stay At Home. Play Together.”

Source: Gameindustry.biz