Elden Ring, Bloodborne Movies or TV Shows Could Happen with Sony’s Investment In FromSoftware, Says Hermen Hulst

By Zuhaad Ali
Source: SIE | FromSoftware

Sony says Elden Ring and Bloodborne movies or TV show adaptation is now out of the books after the company’s investment in the Japanese developer — FromSoftware.

In a new interview with Reuters, Sony’s PlayStation Studios Head Herman Hulst talked about the recent investment that lead to the expansion of PlayStation titles on other platforms. When asked about Sony’s investment in FromSoftware, Hulst said:

“You should think of collaborations on the game development side first and foremost, but it’s also not unthinkable with our PlayStation Productions efforts that we explore opportunities.”

“Further investments in areas that will strengthen the expansion on to PC, on to mobile and into live services, that’s definitely a possibility for us,” Hulst continued.

Sony recently acquired a 14.09% stake in the Elden Ring developer, FromSoftware. Sony is hard at work expanding its original IPs into TV and films, one of the recent examples is Uncharted, which grossed over $400 million at the box office.

The company is also working with HBO on The Last Of Us TV series starring The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal as Joel and the Game of Thrones’ Bella Ramsey as Ellie. The Last of Us TV show will launch sometime in 2023 on HBO Max.

Sony also acquired Bungie earlier this year for $3.6 billion and says the Destiny developer could leverage Sony Pictures and Sony Music to expand its own IPs (Destiny and future projects) into films and TV, which is what Bungie seems to be very interested in.

“Bungie wants to nurture the IP they have in a multi-dimensional manner, and that’s their hope,” Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki said during an earnings call.
|For that, we believe we can help that – we have [Sony] Pictures and [Sony] Music, and Bungie can leverage our platform so that their IP can flourish and grow big.”