Hyper Scape Guide: Every Hack Ability Detailed

By Zuhaad Ali

Hyper Scape is a really fast-paced run-n-gun type of battle royale game. Officially announced earlier this month, Hyper Scape has gotten a very positive reception from the battle royale community. The game features different weapons and hack abilities for players to take advantage of. Today, we’re going to discuss each of these hack abilities that you can get in Hyper Scape.

Hyper Scape: How Many Hack Abilities are there?

Hyper Scape Hack Abilities Detail

There are a total of nine hack abilities in Hyper Scape. Each hack offers a unique feature that can be used to boost your performance in a match. Below, you can see each of these hack abilities and what they do in the game.

  • Teleport: Keep your friends close, and this area-of-effect Hack will keep them healthy and ready to fight.
  • Slam: Leap high into the air and smash back down to the ground, dealing damage to any enemies around you and send them flying.
  • Heal: Keep your friends close, and this area-of-effect Hack will keep them healthy and ready to fight.
  • Wall: Too far from cover? Deploy this and instantly put a big, resilient wall between you and your enemies.
  • Invisibility: Get the drop on opponents or keep them guessing in a fight by cloaking yourself for a limited time.
  • Mine: If hostile Contenders get too close to this proximity mine, it’ll home in and unleash a devastating explosion.
  • Armor: Become a fortress and mitigate damage when activated.
  • Reveal: Information is everything. The Reveal Hack will ping the location of nearby enemies for you and your squad.
  • Ball: Turn yourself into a bouncing ball. Is there really anything more we need to say?

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Hyper Scape is currently only available via Twitch drops and will be released on July 12, 2020, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.