PlayStation 5 User Interface To Be Revealed Soon, Is 100% Overhaul Over PS4 UI

By Zuhaad Ali

A new report just came in from Matt MacLaurin, VP of UX Design at PlayStation, which suggests that Sony will be revealing the brand-new user interface of PlayStation 5 console. We’ve already seen the boot-up screen of PS5 as it was teased during the reveal event if you paid attention.

PlayStation User Interface Reveal Coming Soon

According to Matt MacLaurin’s comments on LinkedIn, the PS5 UI is a complete 100% overhaul over the current PlayStation 4 UI which is a really good thing. “A little more pregmative, but a 100% overhaul of PS4 UI and some very different new concepts.”

PlayStation 5 User Interface To Be Revealed Soon, Is 100% Overhaul Over PS4 UI

“Primary focus was the OS UI. Hasn’t been shown yet. Largely cleaning up core functionality, but some key new bets that you’ll see soon,” MacLaurin said. “As it’s UI it’s practical first, but it’s a whole new visual language and a complete rearchitecting of the user interface.”

“While we are obsessed with the function, very few pixels left from PS4 gen. Most important experience goals measured in milliseconds across the entire UI.”

It’s really exciting to see that Sony is planning a brand-new user interface for the PlayStation 5 as compared to Microsoft’s Xbox Series X dashboard, which reportedly has the same UI with some improvements, according to Tom Warren of The Verge.

Speaking of PS5, Sony has also revealed a bunch of new titles coming to the next-gen console this year including, Spider-Man: Mile Morales. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments!

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PlayStation 4 was officially released on November 15, 2013, in the United States and Canada. PlayStation 5 release date is expected in the holidays of 2020.

SOURCE: ResetEra