Returnal Finally Adds Suspend Feature, Photo Mode With Update 2.0

By Zuhaad Ali
Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Housemarque has announced that it is adding a long-awaited feature Suspend feature as well as Photo mode to Returnal with its latest Update 2.0.

As revealed in a blog post, Returnal players can now pause and exit the game, even turn off their consoles without losing the in-game progress. However, it seems like you would need to do an extra step in order to properly save your game.

To do this, you would need to press the options key and click the “Suspend Cycle” option found at the bottom of the menu. After that, you’ll be notified that your current in-game progress has been saved and you can exit the game safely.

“One of the main features of this update is the Suspend Cycle functionality, which will allow you to pause your cycle to be continued later, letting you exit the game and turn off your console without losing your progress in that session,” said Game Director Harry Krueger in PlayStation Blog article.

As for the Photo mode, you’ll get tons of options to customize the look, feel, of your shot, including Lens, Lighting, Image, Effects, Gradient, Decoration, and Player options. Obviously, there are multiple features listed under each of these tabs.

Returnal Update 2.0 is launching today on the PlayStation 5.