Rocksteady Is Working On A Suicide Squad Game Called “Kill The Justice League” – Report

By Zuhaad Ali
Warner Bros.

Last week, there were a bunch of rumors circulating around regarding the new Suicide Squad game after WB Games registered a bunch of domains for the Suicide Squad game and the new Batman game. Well, it seems like the rumors were true. According to the report from Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips, Rocksteady is currently working on a next-gen Suicide Squad game called “Kill The Justice League.”

“I’ve heard that one particular phrase registered as a domain – “” – is a contender for the game’s final title, and a good summation of what you can expect Rocksteady’s next big project to be about,” Tom Phillips said.

Apart from that, there was also a domain registered by WB Games that are “” Tom also mentioned that both of these games, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, and Batman: Gotham Knights are currently set to be teased on Warner Bros. upcoming “DC Fandome” event in August, where we might get to see the official reveal trailer or maybe even a little bit of gameplay.

List of the domains that were registered last week is, “,,” Eurogamer has contacted Warner Bros. for further comment.

Both of these projects are under development for next-gen platforms. What are your thoughts on this? Are you excited about the new Suicide Squad and Batman games with next-gen visuals? Let us know in the comments!