Rumor: Another Overwatch 2 Reveal Coming Soon, Release In Q1 2021

By Zuhaad Ali
Activision Blizzard

Blizzard revealed the next installment in the Overwatch franchise last year during the BlizzCon 2019. But since then, we got little to none details on this upcoming sequel to the original game. Recently, Overwatch revealed a brand-new hero that is also coming in Overwatch 2 – Echo. Many fans are wondering about the release of Overwatch 2. Well, today we have a rumor/leak that may have hinted on Overwatch 2’s release date.

Overwatch 2 Releasing In Q1 2021?

We all know that next-gen consoles are coming holidays 2020. Before we get into the leak, we do suggest taking it with huge salt since it comes from 4chan which has no solid evidence of whether the information is correct or not.

The anonymous leaker claims, “Overwatch 2 to have another info reveal pretty soon, and the reveal of some of its launch heroes over the summer. The release is currently set to be Q1 2021.”

But, there was a leak from an Overwatch esports team earlier this year that strongly suggested that the game is releasing this year. Check out more details about it here. Not to mention, PlayStation Brasil also accidentally leaked the release window for Overwatch 2 which also hints on a 2020 release.

Blizzard recently revealed that Echo will be the last hero they’ll add in Overwatch until Overwatch 2 release. Considering the next installment is still under development, Q1 2021 is a pretty appropriate release for the game. (if it’s legit)

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Overwatch is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.