Rumor: Microsoft To Reveal Xbox Series S / Lockhart Details Soon

By Zuhaad Ali
Microsoft: Xbox

Update #2: Looks like we’ll be getting Xbox Series S/Lockhart news very soon.

Update: According to Louise Kirby on Twitter (developer of Void2D, Void3D game engines for Xbox Series X), it looks like the main difference between XSX and XSS will be the resolution. As mentioned in the tweet, the resolution of the Xbox Series S is 2560×1440, while Xbox Series X supports 3840×2160 which is 4k.

Original Story: Microsoft unveiled its next-gen console last year. And with the full specification reveal recently, Xbox fans are really looking forward to the next most powerful Xbox console in the holidays of 2020. Today, we have some new details about the previously rumored Xbox console – Xbox Series S, also known as Codename Lockhart.

According to Dealer Gaming, Microsoft will reveal the Xbox Series S/Lockhart console very soon. This unannounced console will have multi SKUs which will be priced at around $300. Dealer Gaming also suggests that this new console will give players a choice of going with a more budget-friendly console.

Xbox Series S or Lockhart has been rumored for a while now. But, it seemed like Microsoft dumped the concept of it and started working on Xbox Series X. Well, now it looks like the console is back on track and is expected to be revealed soon. Another rumor suggests Xbox Series S is a total-digital console. Keep in mind that nothing is officially confirmed regarding this new Xbox Series X announcement. So, we suggest you take everything with a grain of salt.

We all know that there are three versions of Xbox One – Xbox One (original), Xbox One S, and Xbox One X. So, it wouldn’t come as to surprise if Xbox Series X would have other models as well considering this console will be very expensive and top-tier. Check out our complete list of Xbox Series X specs here.

Xbox Series X will be out holiday 2020.