Sony Patent Hints At Interactive Video Streaming Application For PS5

By Zuhaad Ali

Yesterday, TGP discovered a patent filed by Sony which discusses the possibility of an application that will feature a video game news feed. Sony filed another patent yesterday which talks about interactive video streaming on consoles. According to this new patent unearthed by TGP, Sony proposes yet another application that will allow players to interact with video streams, podcasts, and other videos in general.

“Various embodiments may include methods for providing interactive media streaming. Such methods may include retrieving media and a set of activity data. Such a set of activity data may have data about the activity and one or more objects shown in the activity. Such a set of activity data may have at least one timestamp corresponding to time within the media. Such methods may include detecting a user selection of the media.”

This means that players who are watching the video/stream can pause the media and interact with the in-game footage shown off. The example mentioned in the patent along with a picture is of Fortnite where the loot chest with all the items inside it. This could be really useful for players looking for collectibles in games, etc. See how the patent describes this feature:

Interactive Media Streaming App on PS5?

“In another example, the list may be displayed on a separate display window from the media and may be displayed on the user device 130. Such a list may be displayed while the media continues to stream or display the list may pause the media. Such a list may be filtered based on a user request. For example, the list may be filtered by object type (i.e., weapon, item, melee weapon, projectile weapon, potion, map, clothing, mount, etc.), the skill level required to use and/or possess the objects, objects owned by one or more peers, or the like.”

“A user requests to add one or more of the objects to a user account may be received. Such user request may retrieve and add object metadata of the requested object to the user account. Such user request may also be denied based on object requirements ( i.e ., character skill level, ownership of the interactive content title associated with the object, ownership of the object, etc.).”

The patent further suggests that this invention could come in with its own separate application for the PlayStation consoles (PS5?) and other media devices in general.

“The present invention may be implemented in an application that may be operable by a variety of end-user devices. For example, an end-user device may be a personal computer, a home entertainment system (e.g., Sony PlayStation2® or Sony PlayStation3® or Sony PlayStation4®), a portable gaming device (e.g., Sony PSP® or Sony Vita®), or a home entertainment system of a different albeit inferior manufacturer.”

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PlayStation 4 was officially released on November 15, 2013, in the United States and Canada. PlayStation 5 release date is expected in the holidays of 2020.