Xbox Series S “Lockhart” Features The Same CPU Speed As Xbox Series X – Report

By Zuhaad Ali

A new report shows that the Xbox Series S, also known as “Project Lockhart” which is the cheaper and less-powerful variant of the Xbox Series X will have the same speed and CPU power as the Series X. The only difference will be in the GPU frequencies and the Control Unit counts.

Tom Warren of The Verge, who has been covering everything related to Lockhart/Series S just put out a tweet saying that the Xbox Lockhart CPU won’t be underclocked compared to Series X. “I’ve been reporting on Xbox Lockhart having a slightly underclocked CPU, but I now believe it’s the same speed as Series X. Just different GPU frequencies and CU counts.”

Apart from that, there was a recent update for the Xbox SDK and GDK release notes which pretty much confirmed that there are indeed two next-gen consoles, one of which is Project Lockhart.

As for the price point, Project Lockhart is rumored to be around $299 to $399. This console will be for players who are looking for a cheaper and more budget-friendly next-gen console.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you excited about these two next-gen consoles from Microsoft? Let us know in the comments!

Xbox Series X will be out holiday 2020.

Featured Image: u/jiveduder