Xbox Series X Will Have A Whopping 120 FPS Support In Video Games

By Abdullah Jawad

Xbox Series X is the next installment in the Xbox family as the next-gen console from Microsoft. The console itself will be hitting the consumer market holiday in 2020. Since its official reveals, fans have been speculating the specifications of this new powerful console from Microsoft, and today, we have an official statement from the Xbox head himself. According to Microsoft, Xbox Series X will have 120 FPS support in video games.

Xbox Series X: 120 FPS in Video Games

In a blog post, Phil Spencer revealed tons of new specs and features for the Xbox Series X. And one of them is the 120 fps support. Now, we do need to keep in mind that this might not be for every single title. With next-gen graphics and now ray tracing in hand, it would be a blessing to have at least 60 fps in AAA titles.

  • 120 fps Support: With support for up to 120 fps, Xbox Series X allows developers to exceed standard 60 fps output in favor of heightened realism or fast-paced action.

Other than that, there have been rumors about Xbox Series X’s official reveal in April 2020 before Microsoft’s E3 conference. Learn more about it here. What are your expectations for XSX these holidays? Let us know in the comments!

Xbox Series X will be out holidays 2020.