More Than 15 Exotic Armor Reworks Coming In Destiny 2 Season Of The Deep, Bungie Confirms

That's a lot of reworks.

By Zuhaad Ali
Image: Bungie

In the latest Reflecting on Lightfall and Beyond blog post, Bungie confirmed that it is “upgrading” or reworking “more than fifteen” exotic armor pieces in Destiny 2. These reworks will arrive with the release of season 21 which is called Season of the Deep.

Bungie says that it will reveal more details on these exotic upgrades as we get closer to the release of Season of the Deep. However, there is already a list of reworks leaked a while ago, which seems to align with the release window Bungie mentioned in its official blog.

That said, we do have to mention taking everything with a grain of salt until officially confirmed. According to a recent leak, there are a total of 27 exotics getting reworked (22 exotic armor and 5 exotic weapons) in Season of the Deep, including fan-favorite St0mp-EE5 and Ophidian Aspect.

Alleged Exotic Armor Reworks in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep

More Than 15 Exotic Armor Reworks Coming In Destiny 2 Season Of The Deep, Bungie Confirms
  • Mask of Bakris: PvE damage bonus increased from 10% to 25%, slight PvP buff with 7% increase, no longer stacks with Surge mods.
  • Radiant Dance Machines: Kills extend the duration of this effect.
  • St0mp-EE5: Bonus only active with full dodge energy. Remove the AE penalty.
  • Oathkeeper: The longer an arrow is drawn, the more damage it will do. (PvE only)
  • Athrys’s Embrace: Rapid precision hits grant Weighted Knife energy.
  • Raiju’s Harness: Deactivating your super creates a blinding explosion and grants a buff that increases arc weapon damage. 5% in PvP, 15% for PvE.

  • Sealed Ahamkara Grasps: Powered melee kills reload the magazine of all weapons matching your subclass. While the buff is active, increased movement speed and jump height.
  • Path of Burning Steps: No longer stacks with Surge mods.
  • Khepri’s Horn: Solar kills recharge your barricade, the solar blast from it now scorches enemies.
  • Eternal Warrior: Arc kills grant an escalating bonus to arc weapon damage. After Fist of Havoc ends, gain the highest bonus to arc weapon damage.
  • Stronghold: After blocking damage with the sword, gain restoration on damaging an enemy.
  • Second Chance: Gain a second Shield Throw charge, which will now weaken. When stunning a barrier champion with Shield Throw, regain the charge.

  • Point-Contact Cannon Brace: Strikes added by this exotic now jolt targets as well. PvE damage from 50 to 200. Being amplified now increases the damage of the lightning strikes by 50%. Amplified no longer increases the range of lightning strikes.
  • Dunemarchers: Reduced chain damage range from 20m to 12m. Reduced chain PvP damage from 85 to 50.
  • Mantle of Battle Harmony: Change to a non-stacking damage buff.
  • Claws of Ahamkara: Powered melee kills spawn an orb of power.
  • Sanguine Alchemy: Gives a small damage bonus to weapons that match your subclass when standing in a rift.
  • Astrocyte Verse: Blink further and more frequently leaving behind a burst of Void damage that also suppresses.
  • Ophidian Aspect: Removed melee range extension.

  • Dawn Chorus: Daybreak projectiles cause targets to scorch on contact and deal increased damage to scorched targets.
  • Chromatic Fire: Precision final blows with your Kinetic weapon create an explosion that damages and applies status effects in the element of your subclass.
  • Vesper of Radius: Rifts now emit an arc shockwave every 3 seconds that deals 200 PvE and 70 PvP damage. If these shockwaves kill an enemy, they explode on a delay for 100 damage. When running Stormcaller, both of these effects afflict blind.

Alleged Exotic Weapon Reworks in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep

More Than 15 Exotic Armor Reworks Coming In Destiny 2 Season Of The Deep, Bungie Confirms
Image: Bungie
  • Salvation’s Grip: Charged shot forms six crystals. Uncharged shot shoots a normal grenade that shatters crystals.
  • Eyes of Tomorrow: Killing 4 targets in one volley refunds 1 ammo.
  • Graviton Lance: Increased rate of fire to match Revision Zero two-burst (20% decrease to burst delay). The difference in damage between the two bullets is reduced.

  • Tommy’s Matchbook: The catalyst is updated – while overheated, sustained fire scorches targets. Every 5 shots apply 14 (+7) Scorch.
  • Worldline Zero: Tesseract can be chained into itself once. Damage is slightly reduced.

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Destiny 2 Lightfall is now available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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