Apex Legends Season 4 New Legend Revenant’s Abilities

By Dante Uzel
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 4 is here and there have been many changes to the game with it. However, the most notable is going to be Revenant for sure. This guy is insane and will change the game’s eta for sure. Revenant used to be the best hitman of Syndicate his programming malfunctioned and he was able to remember everything that they made him do. He is so angry and in his anger, he murdered Forge live on TV. Now we have him in the Apex Legends Arena. Revenant is going to have a very big part in the future of the game as well. Because we saw Loba in the trailer as well and Revenant murdered her family. But Loba will come, later on, now let us check out Revanant’s Abilities.

Apex Legends Season 4 Revenant’s Abilities

Revenant’s passive ability is Stalker. This ability allows him to scale walls higher than other legends and allows him to walk silently when crouched. This ability will be very good when you want to outflank your opponents. Revenant’s tactical ability is called Silence, this ability is familiar to us from Overwatch’s Sombra. Revenant with his Silence ability throws a shadow bomb. Players in the radius cannot use their abilities for 10 seconds. This ability is going to be extra useful in close quarters and when you want to close the gap between you and your opponents. Apex Legends is changing the gameplay meta with these changes no wonder they beat Fortnite in PlayStation download numbers.

Apex Legends Revenant
Respawn Entertainment

But maybe the most deadly and life-saving ability is Revenant’s ultimate ability. His ultimate ability is Death Totem, with this ability Revenant can transform his teammates into shadows and they can still use their guns. However, here is the amazing part shadow players can not die. If they die they will return to the totem with 1 health pretty useful, especially under hard circumstances. Be sure to have a lot of heals and remember Death Totem is easy to destroy even from afar.