Apex Legends System Override Event Is Coming Soon

By Dante Uzel
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 4 started a while ago. This season we saw some changes regarding the game, The most obvious change was the map. Players enjoyed the World’s Edge map but with the new changes, it became much more efficient. Now players know that there are loot spots all around the map and the players are spread around the map instead of half landing in Capitol City. Respawn Entertainment made a great choice and brought Revenant into the game. He changed the game’s meta quite a bit and this can only be good for the game. But Apex Legends Season 4 first event is also here. The Apex Legends System Override Event is coming.

Apex Legends System Override Event is starting on March 3rd. This event is bringing some unique items for players to try. Deja Loot is the main attraction of this game mode. Players will find the same loot at the same spot during the event. So if you found gold armor that armor will be there in the next game as well. Another interesting addition to this game mode is the Evo Armor. This armor evolves as you play. It starts as a common armor, however, depending on the damage you make it gets stronger and stronger until it is stronger than the purple epic armor. The developers also think this can come to the game.

System Override Event
Respawn Entertainment

During the Apex Legends System Override event, players will also be able to collect their favorite heirlooms. Players will be able to find shards to get their favorite heirloom items depending on their choice, instead of the whole set you will be able to choose one piece of item to get. There are also new hero rumors after this event, we will see. Apex Legends System Override events start on March 3rd and ends on March 17th.