Asus and Nvidia Developed The World’s First 360Hz Monitor

By Dante Uzel

Monitors are essential for competitive gaming these days. The screen refresh rate does affect your gaming. Let us be honest, there is a reason why 90% of the esports players are using 144Hz and better monitors. The screen refresh rate does make your game appear smoother and more fluid. According to recent research, the difference between a 60Hz monitor and 24 Hz monitors is insane. Players can improve their K/D by 20% on average and this is not a small improvement. But now we will be seeing 360Hz monitors much more. Asus and Nvidia started to produce 360Hz Monitors for PC users.

360Hz Monitor

They do look like overkill for most of us. But soon 240Hz monitors will become the norm and 360Hz ones will be considered very good. But according to Asus engineers, this is just a stepping stone for 1000Hz monitors. The price of the new 360Hz monitor is currently unknown but we expect it to come around Q3 of this year. Of course with these new monitors, the graphics cards will need more power. There are not many GPUs that can cap AAA games at 360 FPS. 

Nvidia is making real strives in the gaming industry. Their other venture is Geforce Now, which allows players to use cloud gaming. This eliminates the costs of hardware and the only thing the consumer needs is a good and stable internet connection.