Bungie Hints At Big Team Battle-Like Modes In Destiny 2: ‘It Is Something We Are Actively Investigating’

By Zuhaad Ali
Image: Bungie via The Game Post

After countless requests from the fans over the years, Bungie has addressed the possibility of adding Big Team Battle-like modes to PvP in Destiny 2, saying that the team is “actively investigating.”

This is according to the Associate Weapons Designer at Bungie, Mercules, who during the latest episode of the Firing Range podcast revealed that Big Team Battle-like experiences are something Bungie is currently investigating.

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“So, we’re investigating it,” Mercules replied when asked if there are any plans for Big Team Battle-like PvP experiences in Destiny. “We actually are investigating it. It’s an ongoing active investigation at Bungie.”

The developer’s words have sparked a wave of enthusiasm among Destiny 2 players who have longed for a grand-scale multiplayer experience akin to the beloved Big Team Battle modes found in Halo games.

Bungie Comments on the Possibility of Big Team Battles in Destiny 2

Mercules went on to shed some light on the complexities involved, mentioning “There’s some really weird tech stuff that happens when a bunch of players load into an activity in Destiny,” referencing the 12-player raid bug that happened a couple of years ago.

“We want to make sure that we can make it happen in a way that ends up being fun, and stable.” Talking about how successful and fun Big Team Battles were in Halo back in the day, he said, “We think it’d be something really really fun if we can do it in Destiny, but we got to make sure we can do it first.”

This acknowledgment of technical challenges provides players with insight into the meticulous approach Bungie is taking to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience should the Big Team Battle mode come to fruition.

For those unaware, Big Team Battle are large-scale multiplayer mode featuring teams of eight or more players. This mode allows players to use various vehicles, and heavy weapons, on expansive maps.

Bungie Hints At Big Team Battle-Like Mode In Destiny 2: "It Is Something We Are Actively Investigating"
Image: Bungie

In other news for Destiny 2’s PvP, Bungie has recently confirmed the names of the upcoming three new PvP maps that will be released in May 2024. These maps are Eventide Labs (Europa), Cirrus Plaza (Neomuna), and Dissonance (Terraformed Pyramid Ship).

These new maps are specifically designed “with a focus on 3v3 game modes in mind,” as Bungie explained in a recent weekly blog post. Of course, the maps aren’t the only new thing coming to the Crucible before The Final Shape.

With Update 7.3.6 before The Final Shape, Bungie will be releasing a weapons-only modifier for the PvP called “Hardware” that will be tested in the Crucible Labs first before making it into the normal Crucible playlists.

Destiny 2’s PvP Strike Team is currently working on some highly anticipated features, creating a buzz among PvP enthusiasts who eagerly anticipate the enhancements coming their way.

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