Bungie Reaffirms ‘Destiny 2’ Gambit Updates Coming “During The Year Of Witch Queen”

By Zuhaad Ali
Source: Bungie

Gambit was one of the major selling points for Forsaken expansion as it introduced Destiny 2’s first-ever PvPvE hybrid game mode called Gambit. Since then, Destiny 2 players have been asking for the addition of new maps and other updates, specifically for Gambit, and Bungie has reaffirmed its commitment to the  Gambit updates coming in Destiny 2 during 2022.

Replying to a thread on Destiny’s official subreddit, Dylan Gafner, community manager at Bungie, addressed some questions regarding Gambit in the game. “Team is looking at Gambit during the year of Witch Queen,” said Gafner.

“Understand the frustration on silence. We’ve made some hints along the way, but have yet to say anything specific.”

Destiny 2 Gambit Updates Coming In 2022

Gafner also stated that the frequent changes to Trials of Osiris in Season of the Lost are their “first swing at updating support for ritual activities.”

“This isn’t just a testbed for improving Trials, but looking at our internal processes for patchwork and prioritization so we can improve our workflows for future ritual support.”

Earlier this year, Destiny 2 game director, Joe Blackburn confirmed that their long-term plan is to add new maps to Gambit mode.

“Long Term, we want to get people working on new maps. Currently, we are playtesting all up gambit foundation changes for s16. Focusing on Heavy Ammo econ, primeval fight, invasion cadence/power, and more,” said Blackburn on Twitter.

This confirms that Bungie is indeed working on Gambit changes for The Witch Queen and the rest of 2022. Furthermore, Bungie is also working on some major changes in the PvP side of Destiny 2, scheduled to release post-The Witch Queen.