Bungie Dev Deletes Destiny 2 Tweets Following Harassment

By Zuhaad Ali
Source: Bungie

Yesterday, following the weekly blog post This Week at Bungie, Bungie‘s Sandbox Discipline Lead, Kevin Yanes share some of their thoughts on Destiny 2’s latest Solar 3.0 rework that went live with Season of the Haunted.

Furthermore, replying to a tweet, Yanes confirmed that a certain Titan exotic armor from Destiny 1 will not return and that Titans will not get the mid-air dodge (similar to what Warlocks have) in Destiny 2. “Titans will never get air dodge back my guy. It’s part of the warlock identity. Sorry but I want to rip that bandaid off,” Yanes replied.

This caused a huge outrage in the Twitter Destiny community which resulted in harassment, threats, and toxicity on both Twitter and Destiny subreddit. After getting hundreds of replies under the Twitter thread, Yanes deleted most of the tweets from their Twitter account.

Bungie Dev Deletes Destiny 2 Tweets Following Harassment
Source: Kevin Yanes / Twitter

Over on Destiny’s official subreddit, the mods had to lock the thread about this topic after some toxic replies.

Other Bungie devs tweeted out in support of Yanes, talking about the transparency from the developers, and the feedback in the Destiny community.

Yanes has been one of the major parts of the developer comms in the past, providing constant updates on the future Destiny 2 sandbox changes.

This isn’t the first time something like this happened in the Destiny community where toxic fans harassed game developers over something in-game.