Call of Duty 2020 May Feature Jetpacks After All, Suggest Treyarch Developer

By Abdullah Jawad
Activision: Call of Duty

Last week, Treyarch developer David Vonderhaar replied to a couple of tweets that pretty much confirmed that there won’t be jetpacks in Call of Duty 2020 this year. This suddenly became a hot topic on the internet. As we know, COD 2020 is the next big thing for COD fans. While Modern Warfare still has some stuff under its belt (cough Battle Royale cough), it seems most of the eyes are not on the next installment to this franchise on next-gen platforms.

Call of Duty 2020 to feature Jetpacks?

Call of Duty 2020
Activision: Call of Duty

As we can see below, Vonderhaar said in a reply on Twitter “Such short-term memories. You hung me from the highest branch. No. NO. I have PTSD.” But later that week, he replied to a DEXERTO’s tweet saying “Did I? I love tabloids.” Now, fans are confused about which side to pick. Modern Warfare was definitely the first solid Call of Duty game we’ve gotten since Black Ops 3.

Many rumors also suggest that the next COD game will feature the Cold War. But these are just rumors. So, take it with a grain of salt. What do you think about jetpacks in Call of Duty 2020?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is released on October 25, 2019, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.