Destiny 2 Anti-Barrier Sidearm Mod Finally Getting Fixed Later This Month

By Zuhaad Ali
Source: Bungie

Shortly after the release of Season of the Haunted in Destiny 2, Bungie disabled the anti-barrier sidearm mod in the seasonal artifact due to a bug that was found. Since then, players have been asking for an update and it looks like the Destiny 2 anti-barrier sidearm bug will be fixed later this month.

Under a Reddit thread regarding the Piercing Sidearms mod, Destiny 2’s Senior Community Manager, Dylan Gafner replied that players can expect the artifact mod to be re-enabled in-game on Tuesday, June 28, 2022, via an in-game hotfix.

“Team just shot me the bug number – looks like this was rooted a bit deeper in code than initially anticipated, which brought some delay to getting a fix together,” Gafner replied.

“Targeting a June 28 hotfix. Stay tuned for official announcements from BungieHelp or TWAB confirmations, as there may be additional delays if another issue is discovered.”

As mentioned above, the release date is still not fully confirmed if new issues are discovered. Considering the hotfix release on June 28, this means that players in Destiny 2 will get to use the artifact mod in just over one week. Right now, you can’t equip the mod on your armor pieces.

Destiny 2 Anti-Barrier Sidearm Mod Finally Getting Fixed Later This Month
Source: Bungie

Season of the Haunted added a ton of new weapons armor and the Solar 3.0 update to the game. The new subclass rework introduced new abilities like Finger Snap for Warlocks and Gunpower Gamble for Hunters.

Bungie has confirmed that the yearly Solstice event will return this season as well. We have a sneak peek at the new armor ornaments and weapons as well as cosmetics. You can check them out here.

Season of the Haunted ends on August 23, 2022.