Destiny 2 Cheat Software Logged Sensitive Data Of “Active Military” Personnel, New Court Filing Reveals

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By Zuhaad Ali
Image: Bungie

There have been some new developments in the lawsuit that Bungie has filed against Elite Boss Tech, the seller of cheat software for Destiny 2. New filings allege that the cheat software was logging medical data of an active military patient.

Unit 221B, a cybersecurity firm, worked with Bungie to investigate what type of data the Wallhax cheat software was logging from the user’s computer. Steven Guris, who is the Director of Threat Investigation at the firm, went in-depth with the details and inner workings of the cheat software in his declaration. (pdf here)

Several entries of Guris’ declaration are redacted for security reasons. However, there are some entries under The Cheat’s Logging Function that were not redacted. It was revealed that the cheat software was in fact reading the user’s browser tabs through which it logged some of the personal data.

Destiny 2 Cheat Software Logged User’s Personal Data

The declaration states that the cheat software “must have scanned the user’s computer memory to identify all of their running applications and logged only those which matched one of the strings it was searching for”.

Destiny 2 Cheat Software Logged Sensitive Data Of "Active Military" Personnel, New Court Filing Reveals

“Some of the logged processes are not stand-alone applications, but are found on browser tabs that the user had open on their machine,” the document reads. “In order to identify these tabs, the cheat must look at the name of every browser tab the user has opened every time the user launches the cheat.”

“I believe these log entries represent the cheat software’s logging of the browser windows containing MHS Genesis Patient Portal sessions, including health care information,” Guris added. “Based on this information, it appears that the Wallhax cheat software was scanning the computers of, and logging data from, active duty military or Department of Defense personnel.”

The lawsuit was originally filed in August 2021 which was ruled in favor of Bungie with an award of $13.5 million in damages. It’s also been revealed that during the period Wallhax sold its cheat software, Bungie spent “a minimum of $2,000,000” to counter cheats and improve the game’s security.

This isn’t the only lawsuit Bungie has filed against Destiny 2 cheaters and bad actors in general. In July 2021, Bungie and Ubisoft joined forces to tackle another major cheat maker, Ring-1, which sold cheats for Destiny 2 and Rainbow Six: Siege.