Destiny 2 Datamine Hints At Ghostbusters Crossover

"Who You Gonna Call?"

By Zuhaad Ali
Image: Bungie & Sony Pictures via The Game Post

A recent Destiny 2 datamine has unveiled intriguing hints of a potential collaboration with the iconic Ghostbusters franchise.

Earlier this week, Destiny 2 received a major update alongside the launch of its annual Guardian Games event. With this update, Bungie added a bunch of new and refreshed rewards to the game, including three new armor ornaments for the annual event.

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Shortly after the update went live, dedicated players delved into the game’s files and found three mysterious text strings that suggested the arrival of Ghostbusters-themed content in the future.

The datamined text strings include “Add Ghostbuster gear to your collection, available in the Eververse store now,” and “Ghostbusters Gear In Eververse.” The third text string, “Who You Gonna Call?” serves as a playful nod to the famous Ghostbusters catchphrase and adds a whimsical touch to the datamine findings.

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Image: Bungie

While it doesn’t reveal specific details about the collaboration, it certainly adds to the overall sense of mystery and anticipation surrounding the potential partnership between Destiny 2 and Ghostbusters.

Is Destiny 2 Getting A Ghostbusters Collaboration?

Based on the information currently available, it is likely that we might get a Ghostbusters crossover in Destiny 2 soon. There’s a new Ghostbusters film called Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, that’s coming out exclusively in theaters on on March 22, 2024. So, this could serve be a promotion for the movie.

That said, these are still just rumors and there’s no official statement from Bungie regarding a Destiny 2 and Ghostbusters collaboration – so take everything with a grain of salt.

Another thing to note here is that the Ghostbusters text strings do not mention any armor which led many players to believe that this may not be a major collaboration that features new armor ornaments, like the recent Mass Effect crossover, or The Witcher crossover before that. Instead, it seems these new items might only be Ghost shells, emotes, etc.

Of course, we don’t have concrete details yet on what these text strings might turn out to be. So for now, all we can do is wait. Speaking of, this will not be the first time Bungie added Ghostbusters-themed items in Destiny 2. Back during Festival of the Lost 2022, Bungie introduced a new exotic emote called Buster Ray.

Destiny 2 Ghostbusters easter egg emote Buster Ray
Image: Bungie

In other news, Bungie introduced an all-new vehicle type in Destiny 2 earlier this week called The Skimmer. Skimmers are hoverboards of the Destiny universe that players can hop on and do a plethora of tricks, including flying across the map.

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