Destiny 2: Felwinter’s Lie Is Making A Comeback?

By Zuhaad Ali

If you’re an OG Destiny 1 player who played in Year 1, you must’ve heard about one of the top shotguns in the game that time – Felwinter’s Lie. It came as a reward from completing Iron Banner challenges in Year 1. The thing that makes this weapon lethal is its range and damage along with a good perk roll. Today, we have some information that hints on Felwinter’s Lie returning in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: Is Felwinter’s Lie Coming Back?

Destiny 2 Felwinter's Lie Coming Leaked

According to Ginsor, a renowned data miner in the Destiny community, it seems that the shotgun will be coming back to the game this season. There are plenty of references found in the game files, along with an Ornament, which is later rendered by Kevin Ayotte. (see above image)

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As Season of the Worthy progress, it’s becoming more and more clearer that SIVA will return and so will Felwinter. If you haven’t played Rise of Iron in Destiny 1, that’s when we first fought SIVA-infected Felwinter. And it looks like, the same will happen again judging from Ginsor’s tweet. But again, everything mentioned in this article is datamined which, in some cases, is false or left-over content. So, take everything with a grain of salt.

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