Destiny 2: Guardian Games – Quest Objective, Cosmetics, And Exclusive Weapon

By Zuhaad Ali

Guardian Games event was first revealed on the roadmap of Season of the Worthy. Officially, we don’t have any information on how this event will take place in the game apart from that it will feature some kind of competition between each class (Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans). Unofficially, we have a ton of details including the cosmetics, quest objectives, and a brand-new weapon that you can reportedly get from Guardian Games event.

Destiny 2: Guardian Games Quest Objective

Note: Once the complete Guardian Games quest goes live, we’ll have a separate guide on how you could efficiently complete it inside Destiny 2.

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While we don’t have the list of complete quest steps for this event yet, we do have an objective that seems to be the central part of the quest.  According to Ginsor, you’ll need to “Earn points for your chosen class by completing bounties and challenges for Eva.” He also mentioned, “During the 2020 Guardian Games, defeat three bosses in one run of the Verdant Forest.”

Guardian Games Cosmetics:

Ginsor also mentioned in his tweet that we’ll be able to get a Guardian Games’ exclusive Exotic Ghost Shells for each class. These exotic ghost shells will be free but are subject to change since these are datamined. Check out one of these ghosts in the tweet below:

Guardian Games Machine Gun:

If you don’t know yet, there’s a new exotic machine gun in the files that was originally teased in the Season of the Worthy trailer. It’s called – Heir Apparent. We already have the complete list of perks and statistics of this exotic machine. The thing we didn’t know before was that how you could get this weapon in Destiny 2.

Now, thanks to Ginsor, we know that this machine gun might actually be dropping from the Guardian Games event. Keep in mind that there’s no confirmation if it’s the same machine gun as Heir Apparent and not a second one which is highly unlikely.