Destiny 2: How To Unlock The Alternate Dialogue In ‘A Mysterious Disturbance’ Mission

By Zuhaad Ali
Bungie: Destiny 2

Back in Destiny 1, we’ve gotten many alternate dialogues for Ghosts and other NPCs in the game. With the release of Shadowkeep on October 1, 2019, we’ve gotten a more in-depth look at the Darkness and what it could be. In the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep’s first story mission “A Mysterious Disturbance” you can get an alternate dialogue from our Ghost. But, for that, you need to complete a certain activity.

Destiny 2: A Mysterious Disturbance Alternate Dialogue

According to this Reddit thread, it seems there are two dialogues from our Ghost as you turn to see the Pyramid ship for the first time under the surface of the Moon. The normal one says, “What… is that? I’ve never seen anything like it.” This is the default dialogue that everyone hears when they progress the mission to this point. But, there’s another one which says, “That’s… one of those Pyramids. It can’t be. That should not be here. Eris must have gone inside.”

Now, according to shadinski, it seems you need to complete all the Invitations of the Nine that Xur gives out every Friday. And after that, you must talk to the Drifter to have a little conversation that prompts up. This is a character-based change and not account-based. So, if you haven’t completed the Invitations (or have completed), you can go complete them and check to try out the alternate dialogue in the mission.

Destiny 2 will be getting the Empyrean Foundation challenge tomorrow with the weekly reset. Stay tuned to our complete guide on how you can donate Polarized Fractline to contribute to this community challenge and rebuild the Lighthouse.