‘Destiny 2’ Season Of Arrivals: How to Acquire Witherhoard Exotic Catalyst – Complete Guide

By Zuhaad Ali

A new exotic grenade launcher – Witherhoard, was added in Destiny 2 with the launch of Season of Arrivals earlier this month. Witherhoard is a kinetic grenade launcher that has a very unique aesthetic and perks which makes it one of the top weapons used in the game right now. Witherhoard comes with its own exotic catalyst that you can earn right now through the game. Today, we’re going to discuss how you can earn this new exotic catalyst for Witherhoard in Destiny 2.

What Does Witherhoard Exotic Catalyst Do?

Destiny 2 Witherhoard Exotic Catalyst Guide

Along with generation orbs and gaining a kill tracker for the weapon, Witherhoard exotic catalyst will unlock a brand-new perk called “Silent Alarm,” which “Increases handling. Holstering this weapon automatically reloads it after a short period of time.”

Destiny 2: How to Unlock Witherhoard Exotic Catalyst

The quest is fairly simple but not that short. First, you need to visit Banshee-44 to get the quest after you’ve got the weapon from your Seasonal package. After that, you need to eliminate a couple of enemies, complete matches… and viola! You’ve got your brand-new exotic catalyst for Witherhoard.

STEP 1 – One Last Job

“Speak to Banshee-44 to learn more about the catalyst for the Witherhoard.”

Simply spawn in on the Tower, and visit Banshee-44. He will give you the new exotic quest for this catalyst.

STEP 2 – High-Stakes Heist

“Acquire Vault keys by defeating combatants with Kinetic or Special Grenade Launchers. Rapidly defeat combatants for a higher chance to receive a key.”

  • Vault Keys: 50

For this step, you need to defeat enemies (could be any race) with kinetic or special grenade launchers. Your best bet here is to use either Witherhoard itself or Fighting Lion. Rapid kills will have a chance to grant with a vault key. You need to collect 50 vault keys to progress further.

STEP 3 – Crime Spree

“Complete the listed objectives and earn Filthy Lucre from strike playlist completions, Nightfalls, Gambit matches, and Crucible matches. Crucible wins, Gambit wins, and Nightfall: The Ordeal completions grant the most efficient progress.”

  • Grenade Launcher Guardian Kills: 100
  • Grenade Launcher Multikills: 200
  • Filthy Lucre: 300

This step requires you to get Nightfall, Gambit, or Crucible completions for which you’ll get a Filthy Lucre. You need to collect 300 of these keys to get to the final step of this quest. Keep in mind, winning a Crucible or Gambit match, or complete Nightfall: The Ordeal will grant the most progress. Also, you need to get 100 Guardian kills with grenade launchers, and 200 multikills with grenade launchers for this step.

STEP 4 – Clean Gateway

“Visit Banshee-44 to receive the catalyst for the Witherhoard.”

Go back to Banshee-44 to receive your brand-new Witherhoard exotic catalyst.

Unlocking the Witherhoard Exotic Catalyst

After you’ve gotten the exotic catalyst itself, time to get dirty with this grenade launcher. To unlock the catalyst, you need to defeat 400 enemies with Witherhoard exotic grenade launcher.

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