‘Destiny 2’ Season Of Arrivals: Prophecy Dungeon Secret Chests Location Guide

By Zuhaad Ali

Bungie announced that a brand-new dungeon is coming to Destiny 2 with Season of Arrivals during their yesterday’s reveal stream. The dungeon is called Prophecy which went live on June 9th at 5 PM Pacific. While there are a lot of secrets that are yet to be found, we’ve at least found two secret chests in the new Prophecy dungeon. Check out our complete guide below:

Destiny 2: Prophecy Dungeon Secret Chests Locations

As of right now, we’re able to find only two secret chests in the new dungeon. These chests are fairly easy to get with no major obstacle in the way. Keep in mind; we’ll be updating this article as we find more secret chests in Destiny 2’s new Prophecy dungeon

Chest 1 – Wastelands

This secret chest is right after the first encounter where you get the actual loot. After the encounter, you enter an area called “Wastelands.” From there, you’ll see some giant rock constructs, Head over there and you’ll see a tiny opening. Follow the path which will lead you to the secret chest.

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Chest 2 – Rainbow Roads

Right before the final boss encounter, on the rainbow road, you’ll enter the area where you hop on the sparrow (with a somewhat purple-ish environment). While on the main road, you’ll find a diamond-shaped entrance. Head in and turn right, you’ll find a spot that’s going underground. Follow the path and you’ll get to the second secret chest.

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