Destiny 2: Swords Getting Reworked Next Season, Bad News For Sword-Skaters

By Zuhaad Ali
Bungie: Destiny 2

Swords were first introduced in Destiny 1. Back in the day, we only had three exotic swords called Raze-Lighter, Dark-Drinker, and Bolt-Crasher. And these swords are still one of the best ones we’ve ever gotten in Destiny (including Destiny 2 swords). In This Week at Bungie blog-post, they revealed that there will be some major sword changes coming to Destiny 2 in season 10. Below, you can find every change as described in this week’s post.

Destiny 2: Swords Getting Sword Energy in Season 10

Destiny 2 Swords Changes Season 10
Bungie: Destiny 2

In the next sandbox update, we’ll be getting some reworks to how swords work inside Destiny 2. This rework introduces a new addition called – Sword Energy. Sword Energy will be shown in place of your melee slot whenever you’re wielding a sword. This is completely different from Sword ammo and will recharge on it. You can see some of the major reworks for this weapon type below:

  • Guarding now uses sword energy instead of consuming ammo. Different guards have different consumption rates, damage resistance and behaviors, so be sure to experiment and find a guard type you like. You’ll still need at least one ammo to begin guarding, though.
  • Grounded light attacks for all Swords will now loop for an infinite combo, and all Swords can cleave.
  • Heavy attacks now consume Sword energy. While you are always able to perform a heavy attack, the attack is stronger when you have full energy, and weaker when you don’t.
  • A portion of most Sword attacks can partially bypass elemental shields.
  • We added this to give Swords a little bit of a personality difference from shotguns who share a very similar role in combat as powerful CQC weapons.

In addition to all that, dmg04 on Twitter also replied to ModernTryhard’s tweet saying, “As I understand it, the speedrun community will need to find new ways to break the sound barrier next season. I understand this will come as a disappointment to some. Hopefully, this will bring new techniques and serve as a challenge to refresh previously established records.”

So, there we have it. Rest in peace all sword speedrunners and skaters. Apart from that, Crimson Days will be going live in Destiny 2 next week. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments!