Devil May Cry 5 Becomes ‘Best-Selling Title’ In the Franchise

By Dante Uzel
Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry is one of the most iconic games. This is a simple fact and is loved by the gaming community. Since 2001 Devil May Cry is in our lives and players are playing this game for the amazing fights and stories not to mention the characters are great and it does look very intriguing to play. Capcom is one of the best video game companies out there. Monster Hunter World is another great success story for this Capcom. According to recent numbers from Capcom’s investor Q&A call, Devil May Cry 5 sold more than 3 million units and it is the best-selling game in the series.

The game got very good scores from the critiques and has a very good fanbase. Devil May Cry sold 2.9 million units until now. But since DmC 5 release date was in March the numbers will go up. Capcom recently announced that they are working on another IP as well. There are a lot of Hack n Slash games out there but Devil May Cry has unique art and this pulls players towards the game each and every character even the bosses is very well designed and fit into the story. This is the reason for its success. However, another success story for Capcom is Monster Hunter: World as this game sold more than 14 million units.

Source: VGC