How To Get Ergo Sum Exotic Sword In Destiny 2 – Complete Guide

By Zuhaad Ali
Image: Bungie via The Game Post

Ergo Sum is one of the new exotic weapons in Destiny 2 that was added with The Final Shape expansion. Here’s our comprehensive guide on how to unlock this weapon.

Bungie has added a bunch of new exotic weapons in Destiny 2 with the launch of The Final Shape. One of these new weapons is called Ergo Sum, the new exotic sword in the game. However, unlike other swords, Ergo Sum is an energy weapon which means it sits in the Energy slot instead of the heavy weapon slot which is quite interesting.

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Now, let’s talk about how you can unlock Ergo Sum in Destiny 2.


This quest takes place after the main story campaign in The Final Shape. So, there will be spoilers.

How To Get Ergo Sum Exotic Sword In Destiny 2 - Complete Guide
Image: Bungie

Destiny 2 Ergo Sum: Destined Heroes Exotic Quest

To get the Destined Heroes exotic quest, you need to finish The Final Shape story campaign first. After finishing the campaign from start to finish, claim your post-campaign rewards from the Ghost vendor on The Pale Heart.

Here’s a quick overview of all the quest steps for this exotic weapon:

  • Claim “Destined Heroes” exotic quest from Ghost.
  • Listen to the Radio message in the Lost City.
  • Complete Queens, Part 1 mission.
  • Talk to Micah-10 in the Arbor of Light.
  • Talk to Cayde-6 in the Lost City.
  • Complete “Lost in the Light” and “Found in the Dark” legendary quests.
  • Claim Ergo Sum Exotic sword.

After claiming the rewards, the Ghost will hand you the exotic quest called Destined Heroes.

How To Get Ergo Sum Exotic Sword In Destiny 2
Image: Bungie via The Game Post

  • Step 1: “There’s a strange radio transmission coming from the old Tower in the Lost City… and it’s using a Hive frequency.”
  • Step 2: “Investigate the activity of Savathûn’s Lucent Hive near the portal.”

After claiming the exotic quest from Ghost, listen to the radio message at the same location. Then, launch the “Queens, Part 1” mission in the Lost City. While the mission is largely self-explanatory, it features a specific mechanic involving a Hive sword. You need to reflect enemy shots with the Hive sword at the Hive runes to activate them.

For instance, to activate an Arc rune, deflect incoming Arc damage with the Hive sword towards the rune. This mechanic recurs throughout the mission with some additional steps; you’ll need to remove energy barriers on the Hive runes by pressing a heavy attack with the Hive sword and throw matching elemental orbs at the Hive runes to activate them.

  • Step 3: “Speak to Micah-10 through her conduit in the Arbor of Light.”
  • Step 4: “Talk to Cayde-6 in the Lost City.”

After completing the “Queens, Part 1” mission, speak with Micah-10 in the Arbor of Light to progress the quest. Afterwards, visit Cayde-6 in the Lost City, who will give you another exotic quest called “Wild Card.”

  • Step 5: “Ghost has something he wants to talk to you about. Go to the ledge of the old Tower in the Lost City to speak with him.”
  • Step 6: “Talk to Ghost to begin the quests “Lost in the Light” and “Found in the Dark.” Work with your allies to explore the possibility of synergy between Light and Darkness.”

After talking to Cayde-6, turn around and visit the Ghost vendor in the same location. After talking to Ghost, you need to claim two legendary quests from him called “Lost in the Light” and “Found in the Dark.”

To progress the exotic quest, you need to complete both of these legendary quests. These are pretty straightforward and will reward you with Prismatic subclass unlocks.

The “Lost in the Light” quest is located in The Refraction area. Track it, and you will see waypoint markers on your HUD that will lead you to the missions. Fast travel to The Landing and head to the marked location.

“Found in the Dark” is located in The Seclusion. For this, fast travel to The Blooming landing zone. Again, mark the quest on the map, and it will guide you to its exact location.

  • Step 7: “Investigate spikes in Taken energy in the Refraction.”

After completing both the “Lost in the Light” and “Found in the Dark” quests, head back to The Lost City landing zone. You’ll see a new exotic mission to the right of the Ghost. This is “Queens, Part 2.”

How To Get Ergo Sum Exotic Sword In Destiny 2 - Complete Guide
Image: Bungie via The Game Post

This mission is simple mechanics-wise, though it can be challenging if you’re playing solo. We recommend bringing at least one more player with you. After completing this mission, visit Ghost one last time in the Lost City to progress the quest.

  • Step 8: “Go to the Lost City and confer with Ghost.”
  • Step 9: “Use the Dyadic Prism to access the new landing zone in the Sacrarium and claim your destiny.”

After talking to Ghost, fast travel to The Sacrarium landing zone, which is located at the right end of the map. You’ll notice there’s an exotic quest icon next to the landing zone. Track it to enable waypoint markers.

After spawning in the mission, make your way to the veil statue in front of you. Make your way to the statue and you’ll be prompted with the “Make Your Fate” message. Interact with it to unlock the new Ergo Sum exotic sword.

If you want to watch a video guide, watch this one from KackisHD linked below.

Destiny 2 Ergo Sum: All Exotic Perks Detailed

The Ergo Sum is the first exotic weapon that has random-rolled exotic perks from other popular exotic weapons like Gjallarhorn, The Colony, and more. It features a total of eight exotic perks.

Below, you can find the complete list of all randrom roll perks on Ergo Sum exotic sword.

  • Wolfpack Rounds (Gjallarhorn): Heavy attacks grant cluster missiles to Sword wielders.
  • Gathering Light (Traveler’s Chosen): Stowing weapon restores ability energy based on final blows.
  • Sacred Flame (Ticuu’s Divination): Heavy attacks mark targets; light attacks detonate them.
  • The Perfect Fifth (Polaris Lance): Every five hits attaches a delayed detonation.
  • Arc Conductor (Riskrunner): Heavy attacks surge lightning from the user.
  • Stormbringer (Cloudstrike): Rapid final blows create a lightning storm.
  • Unplanned Reprieve (Telesto): Heavy attacks emit delayed detonating projectiles.
  • Insectoid Robot Grenades (The Colony): Final blows deploy homing robot grenades.
How To Get Ergo Sum Exotic Sword In Destiny 2
Image: Bungie via The Game Post

Fun fact: Ergo Sum is the same sword we see on our Guardian’s grave, at the end of the Corridors of Time puzzle in Season of Dawn.

Destiny 2 Ergo Sum Corridors of Time
Image: Bungie

And that’s it for this guide, if you wish to learn more about other exotics in The Final Shape, feel free to check out our dedicated article here.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape is now available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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