New Batman Game Logo Reportedly Revealed

By Dante Uzel
RockSteady Studios

Sometimes a movie can also make a great game. let us check some of the most iconic movie and game conversions. First of all, Lord of the Rings got converted as Battle for Middle-Earth and it still has a huge community. Another example is the Witcher series. Witcher series was actually a book but the game was revolutionary as well and the series is critically acclaimed. However, none of these games had as many games like the Batman game series. Batman Arkham series had 9 games until now and a possible tenth is on its way. The games were generally much better than expectations and it was always acknowledged as one of the best story-driven games. Also, the music of the game became a classic.

As we have said before possible new Batman co-op game is on its way. Another news came from a Twitter account that can make this case stronger. A fan caught a glimpse of a new Batman Logo and asks can this be the new Batman Game logo. As you know comic books generally change logos with every generation and movies are the same. The logo in the picture does not match any Batman logo, we have seen before. It does look a little bit like the Batman Beyond logo but this logo is much bulkier and larger. However, we can not be sure if this is the new Batman game logo or not.

Batman Game
RockSteady Studios

Batman: Arkham series was one of the best game series of the last decade and we do hope that WB Montreal can deliver another amazing title.