New World is Coming Soon Developed by Amazon

By Dante Uzel
Amazon New World

MMORPG games’ golden days are long gone. However, this genre will never go out of fashion. No matter what, MMORPG games are going to attract players from every corner of the world. This is the reason why World of Warcraft is still one of the most played games. But the problem with the genre is there are a few companies that can revolutionize the genre. Also, the main port is PC so it limits the player base. MMOs require a lot of money and time to develop. However, there is a company that can do this, and that company is Amazon. New World is Amazon’s take on the genre of the MMORPG genre. Let us check what New World offers to players.

New World is set in the 17th century and it does look like a different approach to the genre. The game has a much more colonial setting. The vast open world offers players a lot of opportunities. The game’s main location is Aeternum and it is an island. But, Aeternum has a rich and powerful substance called Azoth. The island lured travelers for centuries and turned them into creatures. At the start of the game, players will choose one of the 3 factions and later they can create companies. Also, players have homes, and crafting materials are very important. Every community needs a master in crafting.

New World
Amazon New World

Players can even appoint governors and laws specific to each land owned by the company. Players will need social interactions to survive in a harsh environment, there are corrupted creatures and other players trying to take your land. The combat in the game has a lot of weapon variety. New World from Amazon‘s release date is May 2020.