Overwatch New Hero Echo Abilities Explained

By Dante Uzel

Overwatch is still one of the biggest games out there. There is not much competition for Overwatch until Valorant comes along. The game still has a big player base and a somewhat healthy esports scene. We know that Overwatch 2 is coming soon also. Blizzard announced this last year, also apparently current Overwatch owners do not need to purchase Overwatch 2. The game will use the same player pool for the multiplayer. However, we are still far from OW 2. But until then Blizzard teased several new heroes coming into the game. One of these heroes was Echo and her abilities just got announced, she is also available in Public Test.

Echo has 200 health which seems small, but she is extremely mobile. Tri shot is Echo’s first ability, this deals 17 damage for each hit and fires a triple shotAlso it has a critical damage chance. Another useful ability of her is a Sticky Bomb. This bomb deals with damage to enemy heroes within a certain range. Echo can fly like Pharah and as we said before she is mobile and a hard target to hit. She can use Focusing Beam to destroy enemies below %50 health, which is also useful for shields and barriers. Echo can melt through them with ease because the Focusing Beam does 50 damage.

Echo Overwatch

Echo’s Ultimate ability is insane as well. She can become one of the enemy heroes and use their ultimates to her advantage. When she is in this form Echo’s Ultimates charge %650 faster. We are expecting a nerf to this because it does look overpowered. She is a DPS hero with small health but good abilities until Overwatch 2 details are final we will see how useful she will be.