Phil Spencer Says Video Game Industry Should Openly Discuss Problems Like Crunches And “Game Loops That Are Exploitative”

By Abdullah Jawad

Yesterday, Xbox head – Phil Spencer, talked about the future of Xbox and Project xCloud with Insomniac Games CEO – Ted Price.

During the podcast, Phil Spencer describes how the gaming industry and video game companies should be more public to discuss the crunch if a company is facing any. As we know, there are many companies that have been on this track – the most notable would be Bioware on the production of Anthem.

“Now, it kinda feels like outside-looking-in is where a lot of the negative analysis comes from, and sometimes rightfully so, but I’d like us to be at the forefront of that as well. If we want to talk about crunch, if we want to talk about game loops that are exploitative, all these things — I’d much rather see us have an open conversation with each other,” says Phil.

Microsoft revealed tons of new details for their upcoming next-gen console – the Xbox Series X. From 120fps support to the Smart Delivery feature, the Xbox Series X is looking forward to a really bright future in the gaming industry. Check out our complete list of the newly revealed specs and features for the Xbox Series X here.

As for the price, we still don’t have any official news on this matter. Rumor has it that Microsoft will reveal more information about the Xbox Series X prior to their E3 conference. But for that, we’ll have to wait and see.

Xbox Series X will be out holidays 2020.