PUBG Mobile Weapons Guide: Best Machine Guns

By Saniya Jaffery

When it comes to the best mobile competitive gameplay, no doubt PUBG breaks every platform. Even releasing an emulator so you could play the mobile version on the PC. With so many maps, game modes, and resources, many gamers have become obsessed with the first person/third-person shooter. Hence a lot of people want to get better at the game, that’s why with this guide, we will be talking about sub machine guns in PUBG Mobile and which one is the best to use, if you’re more into assault rifles, you can click here to get a better idea on how to use them.

PUBG MOBILE: The Whats, Hows, and Whereabouts of the Sub Machine Guns

PUBG Mobile Weapons Guide: Best Machine Guns

First of all, what defines a machine gun? a machine gun is a hybrid between assault rifles and pistols; making it one of the most diverse and effective guns to use in the early game. They are easy to find, not crate exclusive at all, and have an overall high rate of fire. The machine guns can be classified into two categories, we will cover both, the submachine guns and the light machine guns.

PUBG Mobile: Best Sub Machine Guns

There are mainly 7 types of sub-machine guns which use 2 types of bullets, the 9mms, and the .45ACPs. They are listed down below with stats, so you could improve your use of the gun and the gameplay.


  • Can fire up to 20 bullets per second.
  • Base damage is 26 and the head-shot is 45, which can significantly damage the protective gear of the enemy.
  • Has the lowest recoil when using attachments (go for a stock and the compensator).
  • Good for early game, not recommended. We advise you to replace it with a better gun.


  • Significantly high damage ratio; base damage: 31, head-shot: 68.
  • Can fire up to 16 bullets per second.
  • Extended mag is highly recommended since it can only hold up to 13 bullets without it.
  • All in all a good gun if attachments are added for low recoil.


  • Does not require many attachments.
  • Stats are mostly the same as Vector.
  • Fire-rate is significantly low than the other submachine guns; 10 bullets per second.
  • Has 53 bullets in a single mag, thus doesn’t have an extended mag.
  • Fast reload speed.
  • Really good early game but we recommend you replace it after finding a better gun.
  • Less recoil in comparison to mentioned above except uzi.


  • Exclusive to Vikendi.
  • base damage: 33; head-shot: 59.
  • can fire up-to 16 bullets per second.
  • mag: 30 rounds, extended: 40 rounds.
  • reload speed: 2-3 seconds.
  • difficult to use for spray damage.
  • requires all attachments to reduce recoil and improve stability.
  • better for early game.

UMP45: (Recommended)

  • Base damage: 39; head-shot: 68.
  • Can fire up to 10 bullets per second.
  • Mag: 25 rounds; extended mag: 35 rounds.
  • Reload speed: 2-3 seconds with a quick draw.
  • Less recoil horizontally and vertically than most guns without attachments, making it a good gun for spray.


  • Highly recommended.
  • Base damage: 42; head-shot: 71( higher than 5.56mm ARs).
  • Mag: 30 rounds; extended mag: 50 rounds.
  • Reload speed: 2-3 seconds.
  • High recoil without attachments.

Light Machine Guns:

There is only one Light machine gun which exists within the game; the DP-28.


  • Highly Recommended.
  • Uses 7.62mm bullets.
  • Base damage: 51; head-shot: 82.
  • Manageable recoil with attachments.
  • Reload speed is low: 4-5 seconds.
  • Fire-rate is high. (making it a good combination for reload speed and fire-rate)
  • Uncommon to find.

Well, that wraps up it for the machine guns, we hope our guide helped! Have fun shooting and playing.