Rainbow Six Siege Golden Gun Arcade is Here For The Weekend

By Dante Uzel
Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Season 1 is here and a lot of things changed in the game. The most interesting difference is the weapon’s recoil patterns. The developers changed these a lot in order to mix things up. After all, Rainbow Six Siege is 5 years old. Operation Void Edge started some time ago. Over the last 2 years, Rainbow Six Siege is doing more and more events or limited-time-modes. These limited-time modes are interesting because they give players a chance to have mix things up and have some more fun. Fortnite started this and they were very successful so we are seeing LTM’s in a lot of games now. The new Rainbow Six Siege mode is called the Golden Gun Arcade Event.

The model is very simple, players are still playing 5v5 but the mode is secure. Everyone has one gun which is the Desert Eagle or commonly known as Deagle. Players need only one shot to eliminate each other, which makes the Golden Gun Arcade Mode interesting. We are expecting some sick clips at the end of this event. Because we are sure some players will try to spawn peek with the Deagle.

Golden Gun Arcade
Rainbow six siege

Players can still use the abilities and gadgets of the operators, but everybody gets the same gun to level out the playing field. Rainbow Six Siege. Year 5 Season 1 is here and the game is at a 50% discount be sure to give it a try from Ubisoft.