Destiny 2: ‘Trials Of Osiris’ Power Level Requirement Revealed For Season 10

By Abdullah Jawad
Bungie: Destiny 2

Bungie revealed Trials of Osiris coming to Destiny 2 recently. With the reveal, players are concerned about the increasing number of hackers and bot accounts in Destiny 2. The good news is that Dylan confirmed that there will be some sort of requirement for players to unlock Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2. Yesterday, Bungie revealed more information about the Trials of Osiris power level requirement.

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Power Level Requirement revealed
Bungie: Destiny 2

What is the Trials of Osiris Power Level Requirement?

Trials of Osiris will require 960 Power Level to unlock. This means players below the set power level will not be able to participate in this pinnacle activity in Destiny 2. This is a really good addition for the players on PC since it’s really easy to make a new account and start playing PvP.

Bungie released a brand-new gameplay trailer for Season of the Worthy in Destiny 2 yesterday. It showed off a couple of interesting things. One being the Almighty drifting towards the Last City and the other most interesting thing is probably the Warmind’s robots, right?

Apart from that, we’ve compiled a list of every single content that’ll be hitting Destiny 2 with season 10 for Season of the Worthy season pass owners and for all Destiny 2 players. Players will also be getting three old PvP maps from Destiny 1 with season 10.