Xbox Games Showcase Won’t Feature Xbox Series X Price

By Zuhaad Ali

Microsoft announced Xbox’s first-party games event – Xbox Games Showcase on July 23, 2020. Many fans are expecting a price point for Xbox Series X. According to new reports, Microsoft will not reveal the cost of the Xbox Series X during this event.

This news comes from Daniel Ahmad and confirmed by The Verge’s Tom Warren that there will be no pricing information for Xbox Series X during Xbox Games Showcase.

It’s understandable Xbox “Games” Showcase to not feature anything related to the cost of the console since it’s a game reveal event. We’re hoping to get more information on the price of the Xbox Series X in August, when it’s rumored that Microsoft will unveil Project Lockhart / Xbox Series S as well.

It’s really interesting seeing that we’ve known pretty much everything about Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, but we still don’t know how much these consoles cost.

Many reports suggest that these consoles will cost around $449 to $499, which is a pretty good guess since there are other next-gen console variants as well. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments!

Xbox Series X will be out holiday of 2020.